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I’m actually super into VR. It really helps tune out all the other stuff people keep whining about. Why care about people dying? When you can strap a box to your head and fly in a virtual world? The VR community is one of the nicest and most supportive out there, we don’t like discussing negative news like police brutality, climate change etc. We like keeping the personal and political separate. More generic lines about what I did and didn’t do, until I realise I’ve used this line before. Which causes me to abruptly stop.

Some stills

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  • Was i actually doing the thing or just taking images of me doing the thing? we’ll never know until it’s too late... for you.
  • Iterations (lol nice one)
  • If it looks cool then it solves the problem. it’s called the design process look it up.

Research & Testing

I had no user testing budget, so I just observed my friends and family using the product.


I’ve conveniently ignored all the contrasting evidence we found in this process, so that I can narrate a better story.


  • These are heavily based on my friends and family using the product.
  • I’ve actually just designed them later, so that all design decisions appear empathetic to the persona

Design Details

  • The experience is immersive. so that people can forget all about the problems in their life, and can use this product as an escape mechanism instead of tackling the problems in their life.
  • Do not question my design choices, because I didn’t question them myself.


I learnt that I’m really fast at solving conflicts. During a crit session, when my teammate “thought” there was a mistake in my design, i simply told him “Impossible. You must be looking at it wrong”

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