I’m in a UX designer’s job security.

Nice to meet you!

  • I’m going to say that I don’t really like putting labels, and call myself a Full Stack User Happiness Architect in the same sentence.
  • I’m a professional designer because the only criteria to be one, is to start saying you’re a professional.
  • I’m passionate about adding a lot of keywords like delight, accessiblity and intuitive experiences etc. because SEO
  • I’m an extremely driven designer (driven by clout and money) so if you could share my work or hire me that would be great
  • I’m a pixel pusher (as in i used to be bullied earlier, so now i take it out on pixels)
  • My favourite UX Law to hide my mediocrity and lack of innovation behind is Jakobs Law.
Want to know more?

I’ve made a slide deck for you to get to know me and you’ll actually learn a lot from it… for example, did you know that I desperately need a hobby?
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Design isn’t all I do! 😜

  • If you can’t tell with the usage of the emoji, I’m trying to be rELaTaBLe, here’s how my interests are just like yours!!! but I’ve carefully selected only those hobbies which I can spin into positive stories during my interview. "You see because what bouldering really teaches you..."
  • I have never made anything outside of rectangles on an infinite canvas. every time I try to learn anything new I get stressed and give up. How do all these other designers do things like woodwork and surfing. I am only good at digital things (barely) nothing else makes sense to me in the world.
  • I try to explore new positions to nap in every now and then (I say “try” because I lack the certainty to actually do anything at full capacity and get distracted easily)
  • When I’m not working you can find me playing with the colour wheel, talking about the history of Helvetica (which I only know because I watched a documentary) and worrying about paying off my debt.
  • I have too much money, AND already bought a Tesla... so I spend on 3D printing things and quirky furniture.
  • I like drinking this obscure brand of coffee because it's now tied to my identity as a designer.
  • I'm into music too (obviously) and you can also check out my generic spotify playlists here