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As you can tell, this is a self goal aka personal project. It’s these things which make it look like i’m SO passionate about what I do, that I do it after hours too!

Along with being driven by 20 UX design trends of [whichever year this is] I also wanted to make sure any shred of accessibility, has been reduced to ashes. I wanted to take something which was low-effort, yet would spark a much appreciated debate under my post on social media. I don’t care which side says what, only the sweet sweet engagement all that commenting is going to get to me. More generic lines about what I did and didn’t do, until I realise I’ve used this line before. Which causes me to abruptly stop.

Some stills

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  • I just want it to look cool and i don’t care how it happens, it will just happen eventually.
  • Not going to cite the resources I used to make (copy) this, Figma Community who?

Design Details

This is literally so straightforward a plugin can do it.


  • Young Designers Kids won’t accept you if you’re more than 1 year of an age difference. No matter how well you are at a trend they love.
  • Do not question my design choices, because I didn’t question them myself.
  • I am warning you, if you press me about my decisions, I will not be okay.
  • (I don’t mean that in a scary way, I’ll just break down crying)

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You and I both know, this reach out form is just a formality, because if you’re anything like me... you’re gonna compare yourself to other people's portfolios, rethink all your life decisions and then sink into a depressive slump. Congratulations! You now equate your self-worth to your work 🤡

This is why our industry is going down the dark path that it is... You just had to touch the wet paint didn't you.

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