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I actually made this in 1 week, but I’m going to write 1 month so I can show you what a dEtAiL oriented person I am. There’s a lot to be said here, but I think I’m only going going to focus on making my work speak for itself. I’m going to repeat content because I know some of you are skimming this so I only have only 20 seconds. I know you’re not really reading. I said I only worked on this for a week. This project work worked on, by me over the period of 7 days. [active voice] I completed the project. [passive voice] project was completed.

I really hope this isn’t you reading this copy and realising how I big time ripped off your work fam, I mean “steal” but in the way Austin Kleon says it you know? Basically browse stuff on Figma community and randomly bunch things together. Trying to work on my affirmations more this year. I Steal Like the great Artists did. I Steal like the great Artists did. I deserved that promotion. I need my job to impress people on dates. I am design. More generic lines about what I did and didn’t do, until I realise I’ve used this line before. Which causes me to abruptly stop.

Some stills

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  • Design direction? Bold of you to assume there's direction.
  • Uh oh! i sacrificed purpose for “looking cool” again!
  • Here's a timeline which I made up. Don't worry, all the work was actually done in the last week before the deadline.

Research & Testing

Read a medium blog, slapped a secondary research label on it and called it a day. Also, testing? What testing?


These have been cherry picked so that all design decisions appear consistent to the research.


A man or woman aged between 21 and 64 who enjoys eating, breathing, purchasing enterprise-tier SaaS products, posing for stock pictures, and sleeping.


All these lines, but i still can’t form a connection with anyone

Design Details

  • I only like making screens so overloaded with detail that if I tried to see it all my eyeballs would explode out of my head.
  • Only noobs use grids in their work. I just eyeball it.
  • I stretch screens more than I actually stretch


Designing with purpose is boring i just want things to look cool and not worry about what someone else thinks it means.

Other Projects

Why are you even looking at this!

You and I both know, this reach out form is just a formality, because if you’re anything like me... you’re gonna compare yourself to other people's portfolios, rethink all your life decisions and then sink into a depressive slump. Congratulations! You now equate your self-worth to your work 🤡

This is why our industry is going down the dark path that it is... You just had to touch the wet paint didn't you.

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