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I hopped on to this trend because a trend because i was scared of becoming a dinosaur, and wanted to piggyback off the engagement on my profile that successful daily projects lead to. Atleast according to a Medium article that I read. This isn’t to say that UI is easy, I actually think it’s a really cool skill - especially when you’re working with constraints. But UI without any context, feels a lot like a “making things pretty” exercise.

Add on top all the extensive work that GUI has undergone to get to the point it has, and all the (agreed upon) established best practices... there isn’t really a ton of room for innovation you know. Of course there IS variety in terms of the different backgrounds designers use - sometimes a dot matrix, sometimes a gradient orb!

Some stills

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  • I followed the [fancy name of an iteration of the double diamond, to make it look like my toolkit is eclectic] process, here are the demarcated and defined steps to cover up the utter lack of process.
  • Design direction? Bold of you to assume there's direction.
  • Uh oh! i sacrificed purpose for “looking cool” again!

Design Details

  • Only amateurs use grids in their work. I just eyeball it.
  • I’m afraid of change, I will never use a layout outside of the 3 I have in constant rotation.


My biggest learning was that I should optimize the design to appeal to Design Twitter. I also reflected, a lot. I thought I had a creative block but turns out i’m just lazy.

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