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I'm a Product Designer who thrives in inserting generic jargon (like delight and empathy) and ending sentences at the intersection of art and technology

Selected Projects

These aren't actually selected, but saying so makes it look like I really had to *chefs kiss* curate this. But these are all pretty trojan horses to convince you that I push pixels on the edge of technology and innovation, while creating {adjective} experiences for users while delivering value for the business.


I don’t publish anything on Community because like there is literally nothing to learn from those files. Its a whole mess. I just open Figma and do the ting. “Life is too short to name layers”

I know the general consensus is that carousels are a historically terrible and outdated design pattern. But heres the thing though... Did the past really happen?

Why are you even looking at this!

You and I both know, this reach out form is just a formality, because if you’re anything like me... you’re gonna compare yourself to other people's portfolios, rethink all your life decisions and then sink into a depressive slump. Congratulations! You now equate your self-worth to your work 🤡

This is why our industry is going down the dark path that it is... You just had to touch the wet paint didn't you.

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